International Youth Day – A Letter From Josh

A Letter To Inspire The Youth of Our World… 

Dear Young People of Our World,

We are living in trying times. Times in which future generations will look back upon as momentous and defining in American and global history. You are a part of this history, you are the future of our world. The challenges you face today are shaping you into the person you will be tomorrow. The difficult choices you encounter are testing your character. Which, in my opinion, is an ultimate factor in who you truly are.

I encourage you to never cease to educate yourself. Do not believe everything you immediately read, especially on social media, but do your diligence and research. So that you may feel confident in your opinion and back it up with facts. Please realize that social media is not real life. That everyone is seeking approval from peers, and no matter how confident someone may seem, they too have their own struggles.

In your lifetime you will be faced with tremendous challenges, political turmoil, global conflicts and climate change. These result from all those who came before you. But rather than be fearful of what lies ahead, view them as challenges, for your young bright minds to solve. Be better than those who came before you. Innovate outdated systems, create solutions, help others.

Know that you can achieve anything in this world you set your mind to. I am living proof of that. I was once a young boy, with dreams and aspirations. Through dedication, hard work, consistency and belief in yourself anything is possible. 

I am here to support you all and cannot wait to see what you will do. 

Josh Norman

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